Zur Morschbach .::. D-56858 Altlay .::. Hauptstraße 74 .::. fon +49 6543 818340 .::. email hotel@morschbach.de .::. www.morschbach.de
Our Hotel In our pleasant and convenient rooms you can round off evening and spend the night peacefully. Even if the flight should start once very early in the morning you can rely on our wake up call and a free shuttle that takes you ten minutes to the departure terminal.  Check-in time is from 12,00 clock noon to 1,00 clock  in the morning. We enable you also a personal check out at the reception from 4  to 11 clock in the morning. booking request
NEWS                              Even in the last years, the hotel "Zur Morschbach" was awarded from the prestigious internet portals like "Hotel.de" as one of the best hotels for price and performance of its guests.
SPECIAL                          NEWS: There are several special events in our hotel just as wine tastings, boats-excursions or fiest like New Years Eve. Just have a look on this page and you will find updated informations about that  With our extensive breakfast buffet starts culinary well cared for in the day or your trip. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, crusty rolls and delicious meats to have a good start for the day.